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Table 1 Gene transfer statistics for 47 ribosomal protein trees constructed for 14 species of Archaea obtained using the SH and CH cluster validity indices and the non-squared RF distance in the k-medoids tree clustering algorithm

From: A new fast method for inferring multiple consensus trees using k-medoids

Criterion Type of gene transfer Number of transfers detected Percentage of transfers detected
SH Intragroup 14 77.78%
  Intergroup 4 22.22%
CH Intragroup 9 90%
  Intergroup 1 10%
  1. The Crenarchaea group is composed of S. solfactaricus, A. pernix and P. aerophilum species, and the Euryarchaeota group is composed of P. furiosus, P. abyssi, P. horikoshii, M. jannashii, M. thermoautotrophicum, T. acidophilum, F. acidamanus, A. fulgidus, M. barkeri, Halobacterium sp. and H. marismortui species