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Table 1 Gamma statistics and associated p values (two-tailed) for Blepharoneura and various subclades

From: Anatomy of a Neotropical insect radiation

Clade Lineages γ p Max % missing
All clades all 1.45 0.147 ns
Clade A all 1.21 0.225 ns
Clade B all −2.09 0.037 20%
Clade C all 1.18 0.237 ns
All clades >  1 Ma −0.348 0.36 ns
Clade A >  1 Ma −1.25 0.11 ns
Clade B >  1 Ma −0.88 0.19 ns
Clade C >  1 Ma −0.45 0.33 ns
  1. Top four rows, “all” lineages = lineages differing by ≥ 3 observed mutations in mtCOI. Bottom four rows: results of analyses of tree truncated at 1 Ma. A significantly negative gamma indicates slowing of diversification near the present, and is most strongly affected by the most recent splits. P values shown assume complete taxon representation, calculated directly from the gamma statistics as shown by Pybus and Harvey [31]. The maximum percent missing column shows the highest percentage of missing taxa (in 10% increments) for simulations in which adjusted critical values for γ were higher than the γ value shown. ns indicates that the gamma value was not significant compared to the simulated null distribution even assuming complete taxon sampling