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Table 3 Genes/proteins from Up- or down-regulated dataset that were revealed from studies comparing TBEV-infected and uninfected human sera or other biological samples

From: A database of human genes and a gene network involved in response to tick-borne encephalitis virus infection

Biological sample Genes References
Serum ICAM2 [87]
MMP9 [88]
ICAM3, ICAM1 [89]
IL10, IFNB1 [46]
CXCL10, CXCL13 [90]
Plasma IFNG, TNF, IL6, CXCL8, IL2, IL12A, IL12B, IL15, IL18, IFNA1 [91]
Blood LTF [92]
GSN [93]
CSF IFNL3, IL10, IFNB1 [46]
ICAM1 [87, 89, 94]
ICAM2 [89]
ICAM3 [87, 89]
CXCL10, CXCL11, CXCL12, CXCL13 [90]
Liquor A2M [67]
LTF [92]
NK cells MKI67, BCL2, PRF1, GZMB, IL2, IL12A, IL12B, IL15, IL18, IFNA1 [91]
T cells PRF1, PDCD1, BCL2, GZMB, IL7R, CD27, TBX21, EOMES, IKZF2 [95]
IL5 [96]
IFNG [96, 97]
IL2, TBX21 [97]