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Table 1 Functional groups of genes/proteins (datasets) that were included into the catalog of genes involved in response to TBEV infection

From: A database of human genes and a gene network involved in response to tick-borne encephalitis virus infection

  Dataset (type of evidence) Description of the dataset Number of genes Number of publications
1. Physical interaction
(Additional file 1: Table S1)
Genes encoding proteins that had direct physical interactions with TBE viral particle, TBEV proteins or RNA. 51 13
2. Up- or down-regulated
(Additional file 1: Table S2)
Genes encoding mRNAs (or proteins) that were up- or down-regulated in response to TBEV infectiona 76 36
3. Allelic variant
(Additional file 1: Table S3)
Allelic variant in this gene was associated with susceptibility or resistance to TBEV infectionb 9 6
4. Increased/attenuated antiviral activity
(Additional file 1: Table S4)
These proteins were required for inhibitory effect of other proteins against TBEV or attenuated its antiviral activity 6 6
5. Knockout
(Additional file 1: Table S5)
Knockout of these genes in mice increased mortality rates or affected the other clinical manifestations of the disease 6 4
(Additional file 1: Table S6)
The catalog of human genes involved in response to TBEV infection. 140 53
  1. aIf there was evidence that the level of an active form of the protein changed in response to TBEV infection, the gene encoding such protein was also included into this dataset
  2. bThat meant that clinical severity of disease or some immunological parameters in patients with TBE were associated with one of allelic variants