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Table 1 Sample collection data of C. macropterus in the Nujiang River Basin, including geographic region, coordinates, collection date and N (number of individuals sampled per locality), the code is abbreviation for the geographic region

From: Evidence of high-altitude adaptation in the glyptosternoid fish, Creteuchiloglanis macropterus from the Nujiang River obtained through transcriptome analysis

geographic region code coordinates Altitude (m) Collection date N
Pula Pl 27°47′29″N, 98°35′31″E 1972 Oct/2015 1
Geza Gz 27°52′23″N, 98°40′51″E 1621 Oct/2015 3
Chenggan Cg 26°23′11″N, 96°53′50″E 937 Oct/2015 1
Denggeng Dg 25°54′21″N, 98°49′37″E 933 Oct/2015 1
Mangliu Ml 25° 08′37″N, 98°50′09″E 874 Oct/2015 1