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Table 1 The basic information of genome survey data of the three Primulina species related to chloroplast genomes

From: The complete chloroplast genome of Primulina and two novel strategies for development of high polymorphic loci for population genetic and phylogenetic studies

Species Population code Reads No. (M)a Throughput(G)b Quality Q30c Cp Size (bp) Coverage
P. eburnea WHY01 12.5 3.14 97.2; 96.9 152,373 20,585
P. huaijiensis GDHJ02 18.5 4.63 97.8; 97.5 153,401 30,191
P. linearifolia GXNN01 21.1 4.22 95.4; 95.4 153,493 27,517
  1. aReads No. was counted based on the Reads which was used in assembly of cp genomes, instead of whole genome survey sequencing data
  2. bThroughput = Read No. x read length
  3. cQuality Q30 was counted by Read1 and Read2 respectively