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Table 1 Summary of data on the microhabitat of Ampharetidae in CBEs. Species are ordered by habitat

From: Do ampharetids take sedimented steps between vents and seeps? Phylogeny and habitat-use of Ampharetidae (Annelida, Terebelliformia) in chemosynthesis-based ecosystems

  Habitat Distribution Type locality Depth (m) DR (m) Temp. Substratum
Sed. Hard Bivalve Tube-worm Crab
Amphisamytha fauchaldi SV, HS, S EP: Hydrate R. to Costa Rica Guaymas B. 603–2860 2257 A-30 °Ca x x
Amphisamytha vanuatuensis V, S WP: Lihir B., North Fiji B., Lau B. Edison Seamt. (Lihir B.) 1114–2719 1605 A-14 °C x x x x
Grassleia hydrothermalis V, S EP: Gorda R., Hydrate R. Escanaba T. (Gorda R.) 595–3271 2676 x
Grassleia sp. A S EP: Guaymas B. 1572 0 x
Anobothrus apaleatus IV, S EP: Southern East Pacific Rise, Hydrate R. Central Axial High 524–2219 1695 A x x
Amphisamytha carldarei V EP: Juan de Fuca R. Main Endeavour 2187–2415 228 A-40 °C x x x x
Amphisamytha galapagensis V EP: East Pacific Rise Galapagos R. 2335–2725 390 A-23 °C x x
Amphisamytha jacksoni V EP: East Pacific Rise, 11°N to 38°S 31°S 2235–2515 280
Amphisamytha julianeae V WP: North Fiji B. White Lady 1980 0
Amphisamytha lutzi V At: Mid-Atlantic R. Lucky Strike 1622–4080 2458 5–14 °C x x x
Anobothrus sp. A V At: Mid-Atlantic R. (Snake Pit) 3481–3522 41 x x
Glyphanostomum bilabiatum SV WP: Okinawa T. Yonaguni Knoll IV 1365–1385 20 x
Paramytha schanderi SV Ar: Arctic Mid-Ocean R. Lokis Castle 2350 0 20 °C x
Pavelius smileyi SV Ar: Arctic Mid-Ocean R. Lokis Castle 2350 0 20 °C x
Anobothrus sp. B S WP: Hikurangi M. 650–1100 450 A x
Glyphanostomum holthei S EP: Aleutian Trench Edge 4743–4947 204 A x x
Amage benhami S EP: Hydrate R., Ant: Ross Sea Hydrate R. 293–625 332 A x
Pavelius makranensis S IO: Makran accretionary prism Flare 2 1015–1038 23 A x
Pavelius sp. A S At: Gulf of Cadiz 650–1100 450 A x
Pavelius sp. B S WP: Hikurangi M. 1300 0 A x
Pavelius uschakovi S WP: Sea of Okhotsk Sea of Okhotsk 765–810 45 A x
Decemunciger apalea F At: North-West Atlantic (Woods Hole, TOTO) Woods Hole 1830–3506 1676 A x
Endecamera palea F At: Carribean Sea St Croix 3995 0 A x
Paramytha ossicola F At: Setubal Canyon Setubal Canyon 1000 0 A x
  1. Abbreviations (habitat): V hydrothermal vent (bare-rock), SV sedimented hydrothermal vent, IV inactive vent, HS hydrothermal seep, S seep, F organic fall. Abbreviations (distributions): EP East Pacific, WP West Pacific, At Atlantic, Ar Arctic, IO Indian Ocean, TOTO Tongue of the Ocean (Bahama Islands), B Basin, M Margin, R Ridge, T Trough. Temperatures are shown as highest and lowest recorded, with A indicating ambient seawater temperature (no temperature anomaly recorded). Other abbreviations: DR Depth range, Temp Temperature, Sed sediment. Substrata are defined in five groups: sediments, hard substratum (rock, bone, wood), bivalves (bathymodiolins, vesicomyids), tubeworms (siboglinids, alvinellids) and crustaceans (bythograeid crabs). A dash (−) indicates missing data or that the species is not recorded from that habitat. A table of all compiled data can be found in Additional file 1. aExact temperature maximum of A. fauchaldi is not available, but it is closely associated with Riftia pachyptila in Guaymas Basin, which is found in temperatures between 14 and 30 °C [6]