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Table 1 Collection sites for pollinator, leaf and fig odour samples

From: Diversification and spatial structuring in the mutualism between Ficus septica and its pollinating wasps in insular South East Asia

Country Locality F. septica pollinators F. septica leaves F. septica receptive fig odour
Japan Okinawa [55]   
Japan Okinawa This study   
Taiwan North This study, [17, 23] This study This study
Taiwan Throughout the country [56]   
Taiwan South This study, [17, 22] This study  
Taiwan Lanyu Island [17, 22, 56] This study  
Philippines Northern Luzon This study   
Philippines Central Luzon This study This study This study
Philippines Southern Luzon This study, [57] This study  
Philippines Panay Island This study   
Philippines Negros Island This study This study This study
Philippines Palawan Island This study   
Philippines Camiguin Island This study   
Philippines Mindanao Island This study This study This study
  1. Table 1 Legend: Sites are arranged in a north-to-south orientation. Also indicated are the references of the GenBank sequences (Additional file 8) that were blasted on our sequences for clade assignation. Pollinator genes analysed - [17, 50,51,52]: COI; [48]: COI, 28S; [49]: 18S, 28S, COI, cytb, Wg; this study: COI, cyt b, EF1α. The COI sequences allow the assignment of every sequenced individual to clade and subclade recognised in this study