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Table 1 Complete mitochondrial genomes of parrots analysed in the study

From: The influence of molecular markers and methods on inferring the phylogenetic relationships between the representatives of the Arini (parrots, Psittaciformes), determined on the basis of their complete mitochondrial genomes

Species Abbreviation Accession Length [bp] Reference
Amazona barbadensis Ab JX524615 18,983 [84]
Ara glaucogularis Ag JQ782215 16,983 [85]
Aratinga solstitialis As JX441869 16,984 [62]
Eupsittula pertinax Ep HM640208 16,980 [50]
Guaruba guarouba Gg JQ782217 17,008 [86]
Orthopsittaca manilata Om KJ579139 16,985 [87]
Primolius couloni Pc KF836419 16,995 [88]
Psittacara mitratus Pm JX215256 16,984 [89]
Pyrrhura rupicola Pr KF751801 16,994 [90]
Rhynchopsitta terrisi Rt KF010318 17,027 [91]
Thectocercus acuticaudatus Ta JQ782214 16,998 [6]