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Table 1 Parameter values

From: Evolving mutation rate advances the invasion speed of a sexual species

Parameter/variable (Initialization) value Meaning
Individual variables evolving  
l d,1, l d,2 0 to1 alleles coding for the dispersal probability
l a,1, l a,2 optimal with std. 0.5 alleles coding for the optimal temperature
l m,1, l m,2 4 alleles coding for the mutation rate of the optimal temperature
l n,1, l n,2 copy of l a,1 , l a,2 neutral alleles as control
Simulation parameters:
 K 100 carrying capacity
 λ 2 per capita growth rate
 ε 0.05 local extinction probability
 Ω 0.1 lethal mutation probability
 μ 0.2 dispersal mortality
 τx [0..10] local temperature
 η 0.5 niche width
 xmax 250 extent of simulated landscape in x-direction
 ymax 20 extent of simulated landscape in y-direction