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Table 4 Rates of shape change in the first three PC axes for the Caribbean radiation and Eastern Pacific Clade of Apogonidae following separation by the Isthmus of Panama

From: Patterns of divergence in fish species separated by the Isthmus of Panama

Area PC1 PC2 PC3 Mean
Legacy calibrated phylogeny
 Caribbean 3.47E-05 7.21E-06 2.04E-05 2.07E-05
 Eastern Pacific 3.72E-05 4.01E-05 3.03E-05 3.59E-05
Isthmus calibrated phylogeny
 Caribbean 5.07E-05 1.07E-04 3.01E-05 6.25E-05
 Eastern Pacific 5.16E-05 5.58E-05 4.12E-05 4.97E-05