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Table 1 Spidroins included in phylogenetic analyses of N- and C-terminal sequences

From: Duplication and concerted evolution of MiSp-encoding genes underlie the material properties of minor ampullate silks of cobweb weaving spiders

Spidroin name Species Family N-term accession C-term accession
Bc fibroin1 Bothriocyrtum californicum Ctenizidae HM752562 EU117162
Kh MaSp1 Kukulcania hibernalis Filistatidae HM752563  
Dc MaSp Diguetia canities Diguetidae HM752564 HM752565
Dc MaSp-like Diguetia canities Diguetidae HM752566 HM752567
Ds MaSp2 Deinopis spinosa Deinopidae HM752568 DQ399328, DQ399329a
Aap MaSp Agelenopsis aperta Agelenidae HM752573 AAT08436
Ud MiSp Uloborus diversus Uloboridae HM752574 ABD61597
Mg MiSp Metepeira grandiosa Araneidae HM752575 HM752569
Lh MiSp Latrodectus hesperus Theridiidae HM752570 HM752571
Aap TuSp1 Agelenopsis aperta Agelenidae HM752576 HM752572
Aa TuSp1 Argiope argentata Araneidae HM752577 AY953071
Ab TuSp1 Argiope bruennichi Araneidae AB242144 AB242144
Nct TuSp1 Nephila clavata Nephilidae AB218974 AB218973
Lh TuSp1 Latrodectus hesperus Theridiidae DQ379383 AY953070
At MaSp2 Argiope trifasciata Araneidae DQ059136S1 DQ059136S2
Nc MaSp2 Nephila clavipes Nephilidae EU599240 AY654297
Ni MaSp2 Nephila inaurata madagascariensis Nephilidae DQ059135 AF350278
Nc MaSp1a Nephila clavipes Nephilidae EU599238 AY654292
Nc MaSp1b Nephila clavipes Nephilidae EU599239 AY654291
Lh MaSp1 Latrodectus hesperus Theridiidae EF595246 EF595246
Lh MaSp2 Latrodectus hesperus Theridiidae EF595245 EF595245
Lg MaSp1 Latrodectus geometricus Theridiidae DQ059133S1b DQ059134
Ea MaSp Euprosthenops australis Pisauridae AM259067 AJ973155
Nc Flag Nephila clavipes Nephilidae AF027972b AF027973
Ni Flag Nephila inaurata madagascariensis Nephilidae AF218623S1 AF218623S2
Av Flag Araneus ventricosus Araneidae AY945306 AY587193
Lg MaSp2 Latrodectus geometricus Theridiidae EU177657 AF350275
Ds fibroin1a Deinopis spinosa Deinopidae JX978170 DQ399326
Lh AcSp1 Latrodectus hesperus Theridiidae JX978171
Lg AcSp1 Latrodectus geometricus Theridiidae JX978180 JX978181
Lh MiSp_v1 Latrodectus hesperus Theridiidae KX584003
Lh MiSp_v2 Latrodectus hesperus Theridiidae KX584020
Lg MiSp_v1 Latrodectus geometricus Theridiidae KX584023
Lg MiSp_v2 Latrodectus geometricus Theridiidae KX584024
Lt MiSp_v1 Latrodectus tredecimguttatus Theridiidae KX584027
Lt MiSp_v2 Latrodectus tredecimguttatus Theridiidae KX584026
Sg MiSp_pseudo Steatoda grossa Theridiidae KX584019
Sg MiSp Steatoda grossa Theridiidae KX584035 KX584021
Pt MiSp Parasteatoda tepidariorum Theridiidae KX584055 KX584022
Ncr PySp Nephilengys cruentata Nephilidae   GU062417
Nc PySp Nephila clavipes Nephilidae   GQ980330
Nc PySp2 Nephila clavipes Nephilidae   HM020705
Lh PySp Latrodectus hesperus Theridiidae   FJ973621
Ud AcSp1 Uloborus diversus Uloboridae   DQ399333
Na MiSp Nephila antipodiana Nephilidae   DQ399324
Nc MiSp1 Nephila clavipes Nephilidae   AF027735
Ncr MiSp Nephilengys cruentata Nephilidae   EF638447
Ds MiSp Deinopis spinosa Deinopidae   DQ399324
Ad MiSp Araneus diadematus Araneidae   U47853
Av MiSp Araneus ventricosus Araneidae   JX513956.1
Pb MiSp Parawixia bistriata Araneidae   GQ275358
Ad MaSp1 Araneus diadematus Araneidae   U47854
Ad MaSp2a Araneus diadematus Araneidae   U47855
Ad MaSp2b Araneus diadematus Araneidae   U47856
Ncr MaSp_like Nephilengys cruentata Nephilidae   EF638446
Na MaSp1 Nephila antipodiana Nephilidae   DQ338461
Ud MaSp1 Uloborus diversus Uloboridae   DQ399331
Ud MaSp2a Uloborus diversus Uloboridae   DQ399334
Ud MaSp2b Uloborus diversus Uloboridae   DQ399335
Ncr Flag Nephilengys cruentata Nephilidae   EF638444
Ncr TuSp Nephilengys cruentata Nephilidae   EF638445
Ds TuSp1 Deinopis spinosa Deinopidae   AY953073
Ud TuSp1 Uloborus diversus Uloboridae   AY953072
Na TuSp1 Nephila antipodiana Nephilidae   DQ089048
  1. aDQ399329 contains the Ds MaSp2a C-terminal sequence and DQ399328 the Ds MaSp2b C-terminal sequence
  2. bDQ059133S1 and AF027972 were edited to include corrections outlined by [73]