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Table 1 Five Neolithic complete mitochondrial genomes acquired in this study and one Mesolithic Hunther-Gatherer sample with determined mitochondrial haplotype

From: Late Danubian mitochondrial genomes shed light into the Neolithisation of Central Europe in the 5th millennium BC

Sample Archaeol. culture Region Site Age* Morphological sex mt genome coverage % of mt genomea Haplotype
Jan1 HG Kuyavia Janisławice 5509 ± 135 cal. BC M 23x 84,4116 U5b1b1
Sam1 LBK Little Poland Samborzec 5300–5000 BC F 34x 99,7888 N1a1a1a
KM1 LDN Little Poland Kazimierza Mała 4800–4500 BC F 27x 99,9759 U5b1b
KZ6 LDN Kuyavia Krusza Zamkowa 4500–4000 BC F 43x 99,9215 N1a1a1a3
R18_1 LDN Greater Poland Racot 4200 ± 55 cal. BC F 9x 98,6119 K2a
NHP1 LDN Little Poland Krakow Nowa Huta Pleszów 3800–3600 BC - 113x 99,9940 H5
  1. apercent of nucleotide positions covered by at least 3 reads of sufficient quality
  2. *normal font - C14 dates, italic typochronological dating