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Table 6 The strains used in the study

From: Coinfection outcome in an opportunistic pathogen depends on the inter-strain interactions

Bacterial strain Code Isolation source Year of isolation Fish farm Genetic group
B259 A Rearing tank water 2009 Fish farm A in Central Finland C
B350 B Fish farm outlet water 2010 Fish farm A in Central Finland E
B424 C Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar 2007 Fish farm B in Northern Finland C
  1. Genetic grouping is based on ARISA genotyping (Kunttu et al. 2012, Sundberg et al. 2016). The fish farm A produces mainly rainbow trout (Onconrhynchus mykiss) fingerlings for food production, and farm B salmonid fingerlings (salmon Salmo salar, trout Salmo trutta) for stocking purposes