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Table 1 Variation in the regulatory intron in the 5’UTR of vri

From: Genetic basis of allochronic differentiation in the fall armyworm

Position Close to Type Population Individual
CL_1 Corn RL_1 Rice mgmA Rice mgmB Corn
4717 EboxE SNP T A A T
4727 EboxE SNP T A A T
4816 EboxE IN/DEL _ _ _ _ _ _ TTCGAA TTCGAA _ _ _ _ _ _
4870 EboxF SNP A C C A
6690 EboxI SNP T A A n.a.
  1. Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and insertions/deletion (IN/DEL) between 12 individuals from a corn-strain population (CL_1) and 12 individuals from a rice-strain population (RL_1) as well as in the maternal grandmothers (mgm) of BC_A and B (originating from these populations). Mgm = maternal grandmother; Sample name followed by Corn (= corn-strain) or Rice (= rice-strain); n.a. not available due to sequencing restrictions