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Table 2 GenBank accession numbers of the sequences used in this study to build the phylogeny of the genus Podarcis. The references for the sequences obtained from GenBank are reported

From: Digging up the roots of an insular hotspot of genetic diversity: decoupled mito-nuclear histories in the evolution of the Corsican-Sardinian endemic lizard Podarcis tiliguerta

Species 12S nd4
Podarcis bocagei DQ081064 [61] DQ081153 [61]
Podarcis carbonelli DQ081065 [61] DQ081154 [61]
Podarcis cretensis KY561996 a KY562001 a
Podarcis filfolensis KY561997 a KJ027796 [58]
Podarcis gaigae AF133444 [126] KY562002 a
Podarcis hispanica DQ081070 [61] DQ081171 [61]
Podarcis guadarramae AF469452 [61] DQ081165 [61]
Podarcis lilfordi KY561998 a KY562003 a
Podarcis melisellensis AF133448 [126] KY562004 a
Podarcis milensis AF133449 [126] KY562005 a
Podarcis muralis KX080575 [44] KF372393 [60]
Podarcis peloponnesiaca AF133451 [126] KY562006 a
Podarcis pityusensis KY561999 a KY562007 a
Podarcis raffonei KY562000 a KJ027980 [58]
Podarcis sicula KX080574 [44] KF372035 [60]
Podarcis taurica AF080279 [127] KY562008 a
Podarcis tiliguerta lineage1 KY562020 a KY562427 a
Podarcis tiliguerta lineage2 KY562081 a KY562492 a
Podarcis tiliguerta lineage3 KY562092 a KY562503 a
Podarcis tiliguerta lineage4 KY562146 a KY562557 a
Podarcis vaucheri HQ898229 [61] HQ898028 [61]
Podarcis wagleriana DQ017659 [40] KJ027979 [58]
Scelarcis perspicillata KX080591 [44] KX081031 [44]
Teira dugesii KX080595 [44] KX081035 [44]
  1. Numbers in square brackets after GenBank accession numbers refer to publications that generated the cited GenBank data (asequences generated in this study)