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Table 5 Summary results of the logistic linear model of occurrence of ND2 protein A or B

From: Selection on the mitochondrial ATP synthase 6 and the NADH dehydrogenase 2 genes in hares (Lepus capensis L., 1758) from a steep ecological gradient in North Africa

variable coefficient p RVI
atp6ab −2.958 0.0154 0.99
min. temp 2.566 0.0043 0.98
longitude −2.771e–04 0.0101 0.97
latitude −5.351e–05 0.5235 0.31
prec −7.181e–04 0.9454 0.26
  1. All model-averaged variable coefficients, associated values of significance (p) and values of relative variable importance (RVI) are listed; atp6ab—presence of ATP6 A or B protein in the same mtDNA molecule, respectively, min. temp—mean minimum temperature of the coldest month of the year, prec—mean annual precipitation, latitutde/longitude—geographical latitude/longitude of sampling location, p—significance value. Variables with RVI values > 0.7 are considered of significant importance; variables in bold have significant effects on the presence of ND2 A or B proteins