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Table 1 Characteristics of species used in this study

From: Molecular evolution of globin genes in Gymnotiform electric fishes: relation to hypoxia tolerance

Family Species Hypoxia-tolerant Air breather EOD type Positive selected genes
Gymnotidae Electrophorus electricus yes obligate Pulse Mb, Hba
Gymnotidae Gymnotus cylindricus yes facultative Pulse  
Gymnotidae Gymnotus omarorum yes facultative Pulse  
Hypopomidae Brachyhypopomus gauderio yes facultative Pulse Mb, Hbb
Hypopomidae Microsternarchus bilineatus no no Pulse  
Hypopomidae Steatogenys elegans no no Pulse Mb
Rhamphichthyidae Gymnorhamphichthys sp. no no Pulse  
Rhamphichthyidae Rhamphicthys marmoratus no no Pulse  
Apteronotidae Apteronotus albifrons no no Wave  
Apteronotidae Parapteronotus hasemani no no Wave  
Sternopygidae Eigenmannia virescens mildly no Wave Hbb
Sternopygidae Sternopygus macrurus no no Wave Mb, Ngb
  1. Note: Designation of hypoxia tolerance based on habitat choice and physiological tests of hypoxia tolerance [10, 11, 72]