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Table 2 Plumage differences between species of Montecincla

From: Two new genera of songbirds represent endemic radiations from the Shola Sky Islands of the Western Ghats, India

Plumage feature M. jerdoni M. cachinnans M. fairbanki M. meridionale
Crown Slaty brown Slaty brown Dark brown almost black Grey brown
Chin Black Black Grey Pale grey
Ear coverts Greyish white Pale rufous Pale grey Brownish grey
Supercilium White, long, reaching behind eye; black eye strip from lore White, long reaching behind eye; black eye strip from lore White, Long, extending behind eye; black stripe below lores through eyes White, short, not extending behind eye
Nape Slaty brown Ashy brown Brownish grey Pale brown
Upper parts Olive brown up to tail Olive brown Olive brown Dull grey at nape brownish towards rump
Breast Grey, with faint streaks Bright rufous Pale grey with faint streaks Whitish grey with prominent dark streaks
Belly Olive brown but centre of belly pale rufous Ochraceous Rufous to chestnut White at centre with mild dark streaks, sides deep chestnut
Centre of belly Pale rufous Rufous Rufous to chestnut White centre
Flanks Olive brown Olive brown Rufous to chestnut Reddish chestnut