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Table 1 V1R and V2R loci analysed with corresponding gene cluster according to Hohenbrink et al. [16] and total length

From: Population genetics of mouse lemur vomeronasal receptors: current versus past selection and demographic inference

Locus Cluster Length
VN1R Mmur001 IV 909 bp
VN1R Mmur011 VI* 930 bp
VN1R Mmur031 V* 909 bp
VN1R Mmur033* uncl 942 bp
VN1R Mmur040 II* 948 bp
VN1R Mmur041 V* 906 bp
VN1R Mmur043 VI* 1005 bp
VN1R Mmur048* VI* 957 bp
VN1R Mmur049 VII* 879 bp
VN1R Mmur060* V* 906 bp
VN1R Mmur065 uncl 1008 bp
VN1R Mmur066* uncl 897 bp
VN1R Mmur067 III 921 bp
VN1R Mmur074* IX* 918 bp
VN1R Mmur075 IV 909 bp
VN2R1 V2R 2739 bp
VN2R2* V2R 2310 of 2418 bpa
  1. a = locus 3 bp longer in M. ravelobensis, *: Loci and clusters under significant positive selection [15, 16], uncl unclustered