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Table 1 Sampling localities and number of strains included

From: Variation in rates of spontaneous male production within the nematode species Pristionchus pacificus supports an adaptive role for males and outcrossing

Sampling locality GPS position Number of strains
Le Cratere Commerson (CC) -21.3203N, 55.71065E 9
Coteau Kerveguen (CK) -21.2074N, 55.64383E 7
Colorado (CO) -21.1300N, 55.5123E 10
Grand Etang (GE) -21.09687N, 55.6535E 10
Neu du Boeuf-Vulcano (NB) -21.1919N, 55.63945E 7
Des Palmistes (PA) -21.06696N, 55.33474E 6
Plaines des Lianes (PL) -21.02845N, 55.61872E 9
Saint Benoit (SB) -21.05728N, 55.72543E 22
Sans Souci (SS) -21.0205N, 55.36697E 10
Trois Bassin (TB) -21.1083N, 55.33865E 30
Takamanda (TK) -21.09084N, 55.62128E 6