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Table 1 The list of model parameters

From: Potential for evolution of complex defense strategies in a multi-scale model of virus-host coevolution

Parameter symbol Description Values
L Protein binding site amino acid sequence length 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30
μ hp Host protein mutation rate per a set of receptors 0.002, 0.01, 0.05
μ vp Virus protein mutation rate 0.1
N TF The number of transcription factor genes 5
N R The number of receptor genes 5
N ER The minimum number of required expressed receptors 1, 3
ϵ seqM Amino acid matching threshold for receptor binding 90 %, 75 %
k I Offspring survival probability from both infected parents 0.5, 0.8
ξ \( \frac{\#\ of\ infections}{\#\ of\ contacts} \) Self-determined during simulations
η \( \frac{\#\ of\ survived\ of fspring}{\#\ of\ of fspring\ candidates} \) Self-determined during simulations
K Carrying capacity 1000
M init Initial host population size 150
b Growth rate 0.15
λ N Natural death rate 0.09
λ D Disease-related death rate 0.06
γ Recovery rate 0.2
r Host-virus contact rate 2
c Network density 0.4
μ Mutation rate per gene regulatory network 0.1
ρ Conditional rate of interaction addition in gene regulatory network 0.028
ϕ Conditional rate of interaction deletion in gene regulatory network 0. 042
δ Conditional rate of interaction modification in gene regulatory network 0. 958
σ Selection pressure 0.1
a Gene expression mapping sigmoid function parameter 100
  1. The list of model parameters at both the level of population dynamics and at the individual level in symbols with descriptions and parameter values used in this study