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Table 3 Genetic diversity indices among clades of Bombus morio (Main: main clade; TS: Teodoro Sampaio clade) and B. pauloensis (N: north clade; C: central clade; S: south clade) obtained from 1575 bp of the following concatenated mitochondrial regions: Cytochrome C oxidase I (COI), Cytochrome B (CytB), the large ribosomal RNA subunit (16S), and cluster 4 of tRNA (covering a region of COII and ATPase 8 genes and tRNAlys and tRNAasp)

From: Comparative phylogeography in the Atlantic forest and Brazilian savannas: pleistocene fluctuations and dispersal shape spatial patterns in two bumblebees

  Clades Hd k Kxy Fst
B. morio Main TS 0.96697 4.54772 15.89779 0.82429
B. pauloensis C S 0.84808 2.57684 11.20899 0.77780
C N 0.88222 2.9693 9.50606 0.76508
S N 0.89429 3.12104 14.0295 0.79014
  1. Hd: haplotype diversity; k: average number of differences; Kxy: average distance