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Table 1 Results of MCMCglmm analyses testing correlation between trait groups. For details, see Additional file 5: Appendix S2

From: Coevolution of female and male genital components to avoid genital size mismatches in sexually dimorphic spiders

  Female somatic size Female external genital size Female copulatory opening width Female internal genital size Male somatic size Male non-intromittent genital size Male intromittent genital size SSD SGD
Female somatic size -         
Female external genital size 0.689* -        
Female copulatory opening width ns ns -       
Female internal genital size ns ns ns -      
Male somatic size ns ns ns ns -     
Male non-intromittent enital size ns 0.600* ns ns 0.573** -    
Male intromittent genital size 0.725* 0.809*** 38.028* ns ns 0.594* -   
SSD 0.871*** ns ns ns ns ns ns -  
SGD ns 0.922*** ns ns ns ns 0.655* ns -
  1. Significance levels: ns non significant; *< 0.05; **< 0.01; ***< 0.001. Slope values are given for the significant results