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Table 3 Bayesian estimates of scaled demographic parameters and 95 % highest posterior density (HPD) intervals of Rhynchosporium commune as estimated under an isolation with migration model (IMa2) using 14 microsatellite loci

From: Weeds, as ancillary hosts, pose disproportionate risk for virulent pathogen transfer to crops

Parameter Mode HPD95L HPD95H
Effective population size (2N i μ)    
 Barley 115.3 30.34 285.2
 Barley grass 42.48 18.21 176
 Ancestral 12131 11075 23451
Population migration rate (2 Nm)    
 From barley to barley grass 0.896 0.535 2.229
 From barley grass to barley 4.164 2.939 7.840
  1. Parameters are estimated from the peak location of the estimated probability densities. Population size and migration parameters are scaled by the mutation rate μ; Ni the effective size of population i; μ, the mutation rate; m, the migration rate per generation with one generation per year