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Table 1 Length reduction of Cornu aspersum’s diverticulum. The table lists the species’ mucous gland extracts that caused significant shortening after addition to the saline bath. Length reduction is expressed as mean in mm and in percentages of the total length at time 0, i.e. before addition of the extracts

From: On the effect specificity of accessory gland products transferred by the love-dart of land snails

Species Shortening (mm) Shortening (%)
C. aspersum* 2.9-1.7 9.3-6.0
C. hortensis 2.0 6.6
H. pomatia 1.6 5.4
H. lucorum 1.9 6.5
T. pisana 4.3 15.5
E. vermiculata 5.7 19.6
  1. The asterisk (*) refers to the two positive controls and their effect range