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Table 1 Pairwise comparisons of F ST values of ITS (above the diagonal) and trnL-F (below the diagonal) among populations of Psittacanthus shiedeanus grouped by habitat type

From: A mistletoe tale: postglacial invasion of Psittacanthus schiedeanus (Loranthaceae) to Mesoamerican cloud forests revealed by molecular data and species distribution modeling

Habitat type SCHI BREE CALY
SCHI −0.0194 0.0176
BREE 0.9686 −0.0069
CALY 0.9602 0.4827
  1. Significant values at P <0.001 are shown in bold. Habitat type abbreviations are as follows: SCHI cloud forests from San Luis Potosí to Oaxaca and Chiapas, CALY xeric vegetation in central Oaxaca, BREE tropical deciduous forests in Chiapas