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Table 1 Main characteristics of the siboglinid nervous system [1012, 26, 38, 4245, 47, 49, 52, 53, 55, 62, 63, 65, 68, 7577

From: Neural reconstruction of bone-eating Osedax spp. (Annelida) and evolution of the siboglinid nervous system

  1. Sixteen character are scored for the siboglinid species for which relatively detailed morphological studies exist. Blue codes features of Osedax, pink - Vestimentifera, green – Sclerolinum, brown – Frenulata. Osedax mucofloris, O. “yellow collar”, and O. “nudepalp E” had similar scorings and were therefore included in one common row. Investigated Osedax dwarf males likewise showed similar scores. References are given in the last column. If no information were available for the distinct species, data from closely related species were occasionally provided (with references). The evolution of the 16 characters was traced on the tree shown in Fig. 11 (using MacClade 4.08.a), which only displays unambiguously traced changes. The ancestral states for Siboglinidae of all 16 characters were likewise traced and provided in last row of the table; states written in italics being apomorphic (vs. plesiomorphic) of Siboglinidae