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Table 2 RNA-seq data sets used in expression analyses. For each given stage, the datasets were combined; the analyses of the individual samples are given in Additional file 3: A3

From: Convergent evolution of hemoglobin switching in jawed and jawless vertebrates

Developmental stage Accession number Tissue and specific stage Sequencing method
Embryo SRX110035 Neural Crest Migration, Stage 24c2 Illumina
SRX110034 Neural Crest Migration, Stage 24c1 Illumina
SRX110033 Neural Crest Migration, Stage 23 Illumina
SRX110032 Neurula, Stage 22b Illumina
SRX110031 Neurula, Stage 22a Illumina
SRX110030 Gastrula, Stage 20 Illumina
SRX110029 Late Blastula, Stage 18 Illumina
Larva SRX109766 Liver 454
SRX109765 Brain 454
SRX110023 Kidney Illumina
SRX109770 Intestine Illumina
Adult-parasitic SRX110026 Distal intestine Illumina
SRX110025 Proximal intestine Illumina
SRX110024 Kidney Illumina
SRX109767 Liver 454
SRX109769 Liver Illumina
SRX109761 Olfactory epithelium 454
Adult-reproductive SRX109768 Brain Illumina
SRX109764 Brain 454
SRX109762 Olfactory epithelium 454
SRX110028 Kidney Illumina
SRX110027 Intestine Illumina