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Table 3 Fst-values among pairwise comparisons of all four Cusco localities (Fig. 1b)

From: The dual role of Andean topography in primary divergence: functional and neutral variation among populations of the hummingbird, Metallura tyrianthina

  Vilcanota Manu Road Humid Semi-humid
ND2 0.802*** −0.051ns 0.167* 0.814***
AK1 0.336*** 0.184* 0.290*** 0.245***
Bfib7 −0.055ns −0.0387ns 0.281* −0.012ns
MUSK 0.368*** −0.055ns 0.229* −0.069ns
  1. Vilcanota and Manu Road columns each represent a comparison between a pair of humid and semi-humid environments. Humid comparisons are between Carrizales and Pillahuata populations, semi-humid comparisons are between Urubamba and Paucartambo populations
  2. ns p > 0.05; *p < 0.05; **p < 0.01; ***p < 0.001