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Table 3 Summary of the species included in the analyses

From: New data from the Middle Jurassic of China shed light on the phylogeny and origin of the proboscis in the Mesopsychidae (Insecta: Mecoptera)

Included species Phylogenetic analyses, Geometric morphometric analyses Comments
Most parsimonious, tree, and Strict consensus tree 38 landmarks, w/o crossveins, Tree 1 42 landmarks, with two crossveins, Tree 2  
Permopsyche rasnitsyni Yes Yes Yes  
Permopsyche issadensis Yes Yes Yes  
Permopsyche belmontensis Yes Yes Yes  
Mesopsyche triareolata Yes Yes Yes  
Mesopsyche dobrokhotovae Yes Yes Yes  
Mesopsyche shcherbakovi Yes Yes Yes  
Lichnomesopsyche gloriae Yes Yes Yes  
Lichnomesopsyche daohugouensis Yes Yes Yes  
Lichnomesopsyche prochorista Yes Yes Yes  
Epicharmesopsyche pentavenulosa Yes Yes No Most crossveins absent
Vitimopsyche torta Yes Yes Yes  
Vitimopsyche kozlovi Yes Yes Yes  
Vitimopsyche pristina Yes Yes Yes  
Permopanorpa inaequalis Yes Yes Yes Outgroup 1
Protopanorpa longicubitalis Yes Yes Yes Outgroup 2
Pseudopolycentropus janeannae Yes Yes Yes Outgroup 3
  1. The age and locality of three outgroups: (1) Permopanorpa inaequalis: Lower Permian, Noble County, Oklahoma, USA, Wellington Formation; (2) Protopanorpa longicubitalis: Lower Permian, Ufimian, Solikamsk Horizon, Tyulkino locality; (3) Pseudopolycentropus janeannae: Middle Jurassic, Inner Mongolia, China, Jiulongshan Formation