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Table 1 The dataset of MACIT protein sequences from protostomes and deuterostomes analysed in this study. Key: + sequence corrected versus expressed sequence tag

From: Membrane-associated collagens with interrupted triple-helices (MACITs): evolution from a bilaterian common ancestor and functional conservation in C. elegans

Phylum/Species/protein name GenBank accession Code name in MSAs and tree
Caenorhabditis elegans MACIT/Col-99 NP_499869 Ce
C briggsae MACIT A8WR59 Cb
Drosophila melanogaster MACIT NP_001138061 Dm
Nasonia vitripennis MACIT XP_008213977 Nv
Tribolium castaneum MACIT EEZ97493.1 Tc
Ixodes scapularis MACIT XP_002400454 Is
Bombus impatiens MACIT XP_003486976 Bi
Daphnia pulex MACIT (incomplete N-end) EFX66027.1 Dp
Saccoglossus kowalevskii MACIT XP_006816441 Sk
Ciona intestinalis MACIT XP_002130216+ Ci
Vertebrata: Fish
Callorhinchus milii XIII XP_007896149 CmXIII
Callorhinchus milii XXIII XP_007899591 CmXXIII
Callorhinchus milii XXV XP_007887363 CmXXV
Salmo salar collagen XIII NP_001167092 SsXIII
Danio rerio collagen XIII (partial) XP_009305408 DrXIII
Danio rerio collagen XXIII XP_009305980 DrXXIII
Danio rerio collagen XXV XP_009301819 DrXXV
Maylandia zebra collagen XIII XP_004572553 MzXIII
Takifugu rubripes collagen XXIII XP_011609042 TrXXIII
Takifugu rubripes collagen XXV XP_003967025 TrXXV
Oryzias latipes collagen XIII XP_011482360 OlXXIII
Oreochromis niloticus collagen XXV XP_005468213 OnXXV
Latimeria chalumnae collagen XXIII XP_005999804 LcXXIII
Latimeria chalumnae collagen XXV XP_005999645 LcXXV
Vertebrata: Amphibians
Xenopus tropicalis collagen XIII XP_002935816+ XtXIII
Xenopus tropicalis collagen XXV NP_001123747 XtXXV
Vertebrata: Reptiles
Anolis carolinensis collagen XXIII XP_008103145 AcXXIII
Anolis carolinensis collagen XXV XP_008110328 AcXXV
Chrysemys picta bellii collagen XIII XP_008170226 CpbXIII
Chrysemys picta bellii collagen XXIII XP_008164659 CpbXXIII
Chrysemys picta bellii collagen XXV XP_008168359 CpbXXV
Vertebrata: Birds
Melopsittacus undulatus collagen XIII XP_ 005153749 MuXIII
Taeniopygia guttata collagen XIII XP_004176296 TgXIII
Gallus gallus collagen XIII XP-004942057 GgXIII
Gallus gallus collagen XXIII XP_003642131 GgXXIII
Gallus gallus collagen XXV XP_427455 GgXXV
Pseudopodoces humilis collagen XXV XP_005518035 PhXXV
Vertebrata: Mammals
Equus caballus collagen XIII XP_003363528 EcXIII
Equus caballus collagen XXV XP_005607984 EcXXV
Canis lupus familiaris collagen XXIII XP_005626369 ClfXXIII
Mus musculus collagen XIII NP_031757 MmXIII
Mus musculus collagen XXIII NP_700442 MmXXIII
Mus musculus collagen XXV NP_084114 MmXXV
Ovis aries collagen XIII XP_004021682 OaXIII
Ovis aries collagen XXIII (partial) XP_004009451 OaXXIII
Ovis aries collagen XXV XP_004009675 OaXXV
Homo sapiens collagen XIII NP_001123575 HsXIII
Homo sapiens collagen XXIII NP_775736 HsXXIII
Homo sapiens collagen XXV NP_942014 HsXXV