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Table 2 Statistics of the Huntiella savannae genome assembly and gene annotations

From: Saprophytic and pathogenic fungi in the Ceratocystidaceae differ in their ability to metabolize plant-derived sucrose

Summary data Huntiella savannae
Total reads before trim (bp) 33 168 540
Total reads after trim (bp) 33 055 449
Average length of reads before trim (bp) 101
Average length of reads after trim (bp) 85.68
Number of scaffolds 361
Total sequence length (Mb) 28.54
Largest scaffold (bp) 1 009 760
N50 Scaffold size (bp) 229 095
GC % 47.39
Predicted gene models 7 687
CEGMAa 96.37
  1. a Genome completeness was evaluated using the Core Eukaryotic Genes Mapping Approach (CEGMA) pipeline [38]