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Table 1 Chlorophycean taxa whose chloroplast genomes were sequenced in this study

From: Chloroplast phylogenomic analysis of chlorophyte green algae identifies a novel lineage sister to the Sphaeropleales (Chlorophyceae)

Taxa Sourcea Clade Accession nob Sequencing method
Chlorophyceae incertae sedis     
 Jenufa minuta CAUP H8102   [GenBank:KT625414]* Roche 454
 Jenufa perforata CAUP H8101   [GenBank:KT625413]* Illumina
 Bracteacoccus giganteus UTEX 1251 Bracteacoccaceae [GenBank:KT625421]* Roche 454
 Mychonastes jurisii SAG 37.98 Mychonastaceae [GenBank:KT625411]* Roche 454
 Golenkinia longispicula SAG 73.80 Golenkinia [GenBank:KT625092 - KT625150] Roche 454
 Treubaria triappendiculata SAG 38.83 Treubarinia [GenBank:KT625410]* Roche 454
 Hafniomonas laevis NIES 257 Hafniomonas [GenBank:KT625415]* Roche 454
 Carteria cerasiformis NIES 425 Crucicarteria [GenBank:KT625420]* Roche 454
 Carteria crucifera UTEX 432 Crucicarteria [GenBank:KT624870 - KT624932] Roche 454
 Carteria sp SAG 8–5 Radicarteria [GenBank:KT625419]* Roche 454
 Chloromonas typhlos d UTEX LB 1969 Chloromonadinia [GenBank:KT624630 - KT624716] Roche 454
 Chloromonas radiata UTEX 966 Chloromonadinia [GenBank:KT625008 - KT625084] Roche 454
 Oogamochlamys gigantea SAG 44.91 Oogamochlamydinia [GenBank:KT625412]* Illumina
 Lobochlamys segnis SAG 9.83 Oogamochlamydinia [GenBank:KT624806 - KT624869] Roche 454
 Lobochlamys culleus SAG 19.72 Oogamochlamydinia [GenBank:KT625151 - KT625204] Roche 454
 Chlamydomonas asymmetrica SAG 70.72 Reinhardtinia [GenBank:KT624933 - KT625007] Roche 454
 Phacotus lenticularis SAG 61–1 Phacotinia [GenBank:KT625422]* Illumina
 Microglena monadina e SAG 31.72 Monadinia [GenBank:KT624717 - KT624805] Illumina
 Characiochloris acuminata SAG 31.95 Characiosiphonia [GenBank:KT625418]* Illumina
 Chlamydomonas applanata SAG 11–9 Polytominia [GenBank:KT625417]* Roche 454
 Stephanosphaera pluvialis SAG 78-1a Stephanosphaerinia [GenBank:KT625299 - KT625409] Illumina
 Chloromonas perforata SAG 11–43 Stephanosphaerinia [GenBank:KT625416]* Illumina
 Haematococcus lacustris SAG 34-1b Chlorogonia [GenBank:KT625205 - KT625298] Illumina
 Chlorogonium capillatum UTEX 11 Chlorogonia [GenBank:KT625085 - KT625091] Illumina
  1. aThe taxa originate from the culture collections of algae at the University of Goettingen (SAG, [67]), the University of Texas at Austin (UTEX, [68]), the National Institute of Environmental Studies in Tsukuba (NIES, [69]), and Charles University in Prague (CAUP, [70])
  2. bThe GenBank accession number of the chloroplast genome is given for each taxon. The asterisks denote the genomes that were completely sequenced
  3. cThe clade designation of the chlamydomonadelean taxa follows the PhyloCode classification scheme of Nakada et al. [16]
  4. dPreviously designated as Chlamydomonas nivalis
  5. ePreviously designated as Chlamydomonas monadina