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Table 2 DAVID analysis of the top and bottom 5 % homologous human genes ranked by differential connectivity (top genes are highly connected in human, bottom genes are highly connected in mouse)

From: A comparison of human and mouse gene co-expression networks reveals conservation and divergence at the tissue, pathway and disease levels

Higher connectivity in Human
Enrichment score Functional annotation Benjamini
7.95 Signal peptide 4.52E-09
glycoprotein 8.34E-05
Disulfide bond 2.61E-08
3.93 Interferon alpha 9.08E-06
Autoimmune thyroid disease 1.94E-04
Antigen processing and presentation 0.00665
3.87 tumor antigen 0.008748
MAGE protein 0.024607
3.19 region of interest:Coil 2 0.007066
keratin 0.001462
Higher connectivity in Mouse
Enrichment score Functional annotation Benjamini
4.21 sensory perception of chemical stimulus 1.80E-05
olfactory receptor activity 3.67E-06
  1. In the table are reported the key components selected from functional clusters that obtained an enrichment score greater than or equal to 3 (see Additional file 4 for the full results)