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Table 1 Biological functions of different groups of fungal ABC proteins

From: Diversity and evolution of ABC proteins in mycorrhiza-forming fungi

Group Function References
ABC-A Biological function in fungi unknown, but Magnaporthe grisea transporter Abc4 is required for appresoria formation. Mammalian ABC-A transporters are involved in lipid transport and metabolism [2931]
ABC-B full ABCB1 Export of mating pheromones [3234]
ABCB2 Multidrug resistance; a specific group of ABCB transporters in ascomycetes (but not in Agaricomycotina) is associated with the biosynthesis cluster for the hydroxamate-type siderophores and might have a role in their metabolism. [14, 3537]
half ABCB3 Export of the mitochondria-synthesized precursors of iron-sulfur (Fe/S) clusters; localised to the inner membrane of mitochondria [38, 39]
ABCB4 Heavy-metal resistance; localized to the vacuolar membrane [4042]
ABCB5 Transporter of the inner mitochondrial membrane involved in the export of peptides released upon proteolysis by m-AAA protease [43, 44]
ABCB6 Unknown  
ABC-C ABCC1 Vacuolar import of phosphatidylcholine; bile acid transport [45, 46]
ABCC2 Unknown  
ABCC3 Unknown  
ABCC4 Unknown  
ABCC5 Unknown; often associated with the secondary metabolism gene clusters [14, 15, 36]
ABCC6 Heavy metal resistance; vacuolar uptake of glutathione conjugates; localized to vacuolar membrane [42, 4749]
ABCC7 Drug resistance; heavy metal resistance [5052]
ABC-D ABCD1 Import of long-chain fatty acids into peroxisomes [53]
ABCD2 Import of long-chain fatty acids into peroxisomes [53]
ABCD3/4 Unknown  
ABC-E Ribosome biogenesis and assembly of translational pre-initiation complexes [54, 55]
ABC-F ABCF1 Biogenesis of 40S and 60S ribosomal subunits [56]
ABCF2 Regulation of mRNA translation; positive regulator of Gcn2p kinase activity [57]
ABCF3 Unknown  
ABCF4 mRNA export factor [58]
ABCF5 Translation elongation factor [59, 60]
ABC-G ABCG1-5 Pleiotropic drug resistance; weak organic acid tolerace; export of toxic metabolites, sterol uptake, translocation of membrane phospholipids and quorum sensing [37, 61]
ABCG6 Unknown  
ABCG7 Unknown; are characterised by a presence of EGF domain [14, 15]
ABC-I ABCI1 Part of the CCR4-NOT transcriptional regulatory complex [62]
ABCI2 Unknown  
ABCI3 Unknown