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Table 1 Accessions used for alignments in Figs. 1 and 2. Designation of matK functionality in GenBank and species taxonomic affiliation are noted

From: Alternative translation initiation codons for the plastid maturase MatK: unraveling the pseudogene misconception in the Orchidaceae

Family Species Accession Designation
Asparagaceae Asparagus aethiopicus [GenBank: AB646503] functional
Poaceae Hordeum vulgare [GenBank: FJ897855] functional
Poaceae Saccharum officinarum [GenBank: EU434295] functional
Poaceae Oryza sativa [GenBank: AF148650] functional
Orchidaceae Neuwiedia borneensis [GenBank: AY557209] functional
Orchidaceae Palmorchis trilobulata [GenBank: AJ310052] pseudogene
Orchidaceae Maxillaria buchtienii [GenBank: DQ210789] pseudogene
Orchidaceae Anthosiphon roseans [GenBank: DQ210903] pseudogene
Orchidaceae Phaius tancarvilleae [GenBank: KF673844] functional
Orchidaceae Govenia sp. [GenBank: EF525690] functional
Orchidaceae Oreorchis sp. [GenBank: EU266420] pseudogene
Orchidaceae Cremastra appendiculata [GenBank: EU266421] pseudogene
Orchidaceae Cryptostylis erecta [GenBank: AJ310014] pseudogene
Orchidaceae Caladenia catenata [GenBank: AJ309997] pseudogene
Orchidaceae Spiranthes sinensis [GenBank: HE575508] pseudogene
Orchidaceae Spiranthes vernalis [GenBank: AJ310074] pseudogene
Orchidaceae Spiranthes cernua [GenBank: AJ543917] pseudogene