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Table 2 Parameters for weight growth curves

From: Distinguishing between determinate and indeterminate growth in a long-lived mammal

Curve n W∞ (cm) K t 0
Averaged female, captive only 172 2599 0.37 −2.52
Averaged female, wild and captive 243 2548 0.40 −2.47
Longitudinal female, captive and historic 25 2498 0.49 −2.40
Averaged male, captive only 159 3412 0.20 −2.84
Averaged male, wild and captive 188 3407 0.19 −2.85
Longitudinal male, captive and historic 20 3238 0.44 −2.65
  1. Von Bertalanffy: curve parameters w t  = W∞(1-e(−K(t-t 0 ))), where w t is the weight of an individual at age t, W∞ is the asymptotic weight of the population, K is the growth rate, and t 0 is the theoretical age at which weight will be zero. As with height, no formal statistical asymptotes of the curves were reached for weight in either sex (Table 1), likely for the same reason as for height: a lack of a fully longitudinal dataset