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Table 1 Parameters for height growth curves

From: Distinguishing between determinate and indeterminate growth in a long-lived mammal

Curve n H∞ (cm) K t 0
Averaged female, captive only 170 220 0.020 −1.93
Averaged female, wild and captive 240 222 0.018 −1.96
Longitudinal female, captive and historic 22 218 0.017 −1.89
Averaged male, captive only 159 243 0.006 −2.20
Averaged male, wild and captive 189 244 0.005 −2.23
Longitudinal male, captive and historic 26 240 0.003 −2.17
  1. Von Bertalanffy curve parameters: h t  = H∞(1-e(−K(t-t 0 ))), where h t is the height of an individual at each age, H∞ is the asymptotic (final) height of the population, K is the yearly growth rate, and t 0 is the theoretical age at which height will be zero. Whilst the asymptotes of the curves are not statistically reached within the age range of the sampled elephants (0–71), this is a likely result of a lack of a fully longitudinal dataset that would span the entire lives of a large number of elephants