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Table 2 Summary of enriched functional categories (FDR < 0.05) overrepresented in cluster-sets with and without selection. In italic, functional categories enriched in both types of clusters

From: Positive selection in development and growth rate regulation genes involved in species divergence of the genus Radix

Without signature of selection With signature of selection
all three tests all three tests without MK-test
translation growth regulation of growth
cellular protein metabolic process regulation of growth growth
growth positive regulation of growth positive regulation of biological process
cellular process involved in reproduction positive regulation of biological process positive regulation of growth
mitochondrial ATP synthesis coupled electron transport positive regulation of growth rate positive regulation of growth rate
post-embryonic development regulation of growth rate regulation of growth rate
meiotic cell cycle nematode larval development  
ribosome larval development  
ribonucleoprotein complex post-embryonic development  
cytoplasmic part   
macromolecular complex   
structural constituent of ribosome   
structural molecule activity