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Table 1 Mantel and partial Mantel’s tests of physiological genetics (MA) and phylogenetic distance matrices

From: A refined model of the genomic basis for phenotypic variation in vertebrate hemostasis

  Functional component Variable R p
Physiological genetic model Endothelium LRP8 0.589 0.021
Platelets/Thrombocytes GPIX 0.067 0.354
Plasma Proteins ApoH 0.689 0.017
CC1Q 0.589 0.014
FII 0.727 0.009
PRCP 0.707 0.007
Physiological genetic model with phylogeny Endothelium LRP8 0.282 0.136
Platelets/Thrombocytes GPIX −0.017 0.464
Plasma Proteins ApoH 0.489 0.027
CC1Q 0.355 0.073
FII 0.569 0.008
PRCP 0.530 0.011
  1. The regression coefficient (R) and associated p-values (p) are shown for i) the physiological genetic model, showing the results from Mantel tests for each variable, and ii) the physiological genetic model with phylogeny shows the results from partial Mantel tests controlling for phylogenetic distances (significant variables after correcting for FDR are highlighted in bold)