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Table 2 Principal components of meristic traits of all Iberian Barbus and Luciobarbus samples

From: Semi-permeable species boundaries in Iberian barbels (Barbus and Luciobarbus, Cyprinidae)

Trait PC1 PC2
LL 0.268 −0.544
TRA 0.332 −0.484
TRB 0.408 −0.375
IOC −0.447 −0.370
SOC −0.463 −0.311
POMC −0.486 −0.313
Eigenvalue 2.76 2.05
Variance 46.0 % 34.1 %
  1. Loadings of each original variable in components 1 and 2, eigenvalues and percentage of variance explained. LL: number of scales along the lateral line; TRA: number of scales in transverse rows above the LL; TRB: number of scales in transverse rows below the LL; SOC: supraorbital canal pores, IOC: infraorbital canal pores; POMC: preopercular-mandibular canal pores