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Table 1 Summary of life history features of four intertidal and subtidal species. The life history features include period of spawning, larval type and larval duration for four intertidal species

From: Causations of phylogeographic barrier of some rocky shore species along the Chinese coastline

Species Habitat Spawning period Larval type Larval duration Reference
Siphonaria japonica Intertidal rocky shore Mar-Jul Egg ribbons + Pelagic larvae >7 days [38]
Cellana toreuma Intertidal rocky shore Jun-Sep/Oct Pelagic larvae 4-17 days [20, 39]
Sargassum horneri Intertidal and subtidal rocky shore Mar-May Floating oospores [40]
Atrina pectinata Muddy and sandy shore May-Oct Pelagic larvae 17-21 days [37]