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Table 1 Splice donors and acceptors of the Cxqdsx gene. Coding (exon) sequences are in uppercase text, while the splice donor/acceptor and succeeding/preceeding 12 nucleotides, respectively, are in lowercase. “Exon 4ex” denotes the alternate downstream splice donor of exon 4. Asterisk indicates the splice acceptor site deviates significantly from the genomic mean of 8.58 +/− 1.39 SE (see Methods)

From: Characterization of the doublesex gene within the Culex pipiens complex suggests regulatory plasticity at the base of the mosquito sex determination cascade

  exon end splice donor intron splice acceptor next exon begin No. purines
exon 1 AAAAAG gtgggcttctttatct intron 1 ctttttcccgtttcag ATCCTTGCTT 11
exon 2 AAGGAG gtaagttcgcaacctc intron 2 cctcctctctttgcag CCAATCATGC 12
exon 3a TACCAG gtacgtgtcttccgct intron 3a cattatatcatttcag TCCCTCCAAA 8
exon 3b GATCAG gtgagtgctagaagtc intron 3b tattatcccctttcag ACGATGAACT 10
exon 4 ACGAAG gtatggccgagtgttc intron 4 ttccgttcctacgcag GTCAAGCCGT 10
exon 4ex TAAAAT gtacgcaagagattcg intron 4ex ttccgttcctacgcag GTCAAGCCGT 10
exon 5 TGACAG gtacttgaactaatta intron 5 ccaaccaacaaaacag CTCAGGCTGT 5*
exon 6 GCGAAG gtgagttgagcattgt intron 6 cttatcatcattacag ATGCCGCTAG 9
consensus   gtrnk-----------   ------------ncag