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Table 3 Effect of punishment on loss of other functions

From: Genetically integrated traits and rugged adaptive landscapes in digital organisms

  Selected and other functions: Other function was:
Ancestor Selected Other Not punished Punished
Ancestor1 EQU OR 3 100
Ancestor1 OR EQU 100 100
Ancestor2 EQU OR 2 100
Ancestor2 OR EQU 100 100
Ancestor2 EQU AND 1 47
Ancestor2 AND EQU 100 100
  1. In all experiments, the “selected” function was rewarded, whereas the “other” function was not. “Not punished” and “punished” indicate the simultaneous direct selection, if any, on the other function. All experiments were replicated 100 times, and the numbers below indicate how often the other function was lost.