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Table 2 Comparison of genetic clades/clusters and taxonomic determinations: Main mitochondrial DNA clades and microsatellite clusters from STRUCTURE exhibited by specimens assigned to each taxonomic entity that was sampled from the A. mormo species group

From: Genetic evaluation of the evolutionary distinctness of a federally endangered butterfly, Lange’s Metalmark

  Mitochondrial DNA clades Microsatellite clusters
Name OG E1 E2 W1 W2 W3a W3b W3c W3d W4 1 2 3 4 5 6
A. mormo mormo   X   X X    X   X X X X    
A. mormo cythera      X X   X   X      X  
A. mormo langei     X           X   
A. mormo tuolumensis         X   X      X X
A. nr. mormo       X X X       X X  
A. m. nr. langei      X          X X  
A. virgulti virgulti       X X X       X X X
A. virgulti nigrescens       X X          
A. mejicanus mejicanus    X    X X X        X X
A. mejicanus pueblo X                
  1. OG refers to haplotypes 0366 and h1472, which were placed as outgroups to the main eastern and western lineages.