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Table 1 Population structure analysis

From: Sperm quality but not relatedness predicts sperm competition success in threespine sticklebacks (Gasterosteus aculeatus)

Population N Loci A H e H o F IS p HWE χ2 HWE df HWE
freshwater 17 9 4.89 0.6686 0.6471 0.033 0.559 16.479 18
anadromous 17 9 13.89 0.9063 0.8758 0.035 0.159 23.868 18
  1. Shown is a comparison of the variation of nine microsatellite markers based on 34 randomly chosen unrelated individuals (17 F1 fish from the freshwater and 17 F1 fish from the anadromous stickleback population) (see [41,69], and Additional file 1 for further details]. N: number of individuals typed, A: mean number of alleles per locus, He: expected heterozygosity, Ho: observed heterozygosity, FIS: inbreeding coefficient, and results of chi-square tests for deviation from expected proportions under Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (HWE) (given are p-values, χ2 and degrees of freedom, df).