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Table 1 Similar counts of shared ancestral sites for rare and common forms of SerRS support a non-artifactual deep placement of rare SerRS

From: Ancient horizontal gene transfer and the last common ancestors

Symplesiomorphies Conserved residues (%)
  Site Common SerRS Rare SerRS Common ThrRS Rare ThrRS
Rare SerRS 598 G(65) P(89) P(86) P(100)
758 R/K(80) G(100) G(98) G(100)
995 L/M(64) F(100) F(80) F(64)
Common SerRS 568 H(98) E(56) H(98) H(83)
994 R(88) G(94) R(89) R(97)
1082 V(71) not conserved* V(86) E(83)
1101 E(99) A(83) E(100) E(83)
  1. Physiochemically similar amino acids were grouped together if both were distinct from the alternative AA residue, and the subsequent shared count exceeded 50%. See methods for detailed character site definitions. *sites include E(44%) and K(22%), distinct from alternative residue (V), but not physiochemically conserved.