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Table 1 Perennial ryegrass-associated endophyte isolates used in this study

From: Phylogenomics of asexual Epichloë fungal endophytes forming associations with perennial ryegrass

Species/Taxon Strain/isolate ID Origin Source
E. festucae var. lolii SE New Zealand DEDJTR
  15335 Italy DEDJTR
  15441 Italy DEDJTR
  15714 Turkey DEDJTR
  NEA3 Romania NZA
  F02 Spain NZA
  AR1 Italy AgResearch New Zealand
  C09 Spain NZA
  E09 Former Soviet Union NZA
  NA6 Morocco DEDJTR
  NEA10 Spain NZA
  15931 Former Soviet Union DEDJTR
  NEA2 Spain NZA
PNT 15310 France DEDJTR
15311 France DEDJTR
E1 (F. rubra ssp. commutata) RBG
Lp TG - 2 NEA4 France NZA
  NEA11 France RBG
  1. DEDJTR: Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources, Victoria, Australia; NZA: New Zealand Agriseeds Limited, Christchurch, New Zealand; AgResearch New Zealand, Hamilton, New Zealand; RBG: Royal Barenbrug Group, Nijmegen, Netherlands.