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Table 3 Summary of IUCN Red List criteria for Odontobatrachidae OTUs

From: Multiple genetic lineages challenge the monospecific status of the West African endemic frog family Odontobatrachidae

  km 2 RL category km 2 RL category
OTU1 7.797 Vulnerable 104 Endangered
OTU2 12.673 Vulnerable 40 Endangered
OTU3 1.318 Endangered 20 Endangered
OTU4 2.529 Endangered 156 Endangered
natator 180.231 Least Concern 224 Endangered
natator (IL) 132.175 Least Concern 204 Endangered
natator (FP) 34 Critically Endangered 20 Endangered
  1. IUCN Red List (RL) range criteria for all OTUs and the two natator subclades, resulting from calculation of the Extent of Occurrence (EOO) and Area of Occupancy (AOO) [126]. Decisive category marked in bold letters. Additionally, results are provided for both natator subclades (Freetown Peninsula = FP; inland = IL) independently in case they represent distinct species.